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“To worship God means to serve errands for God, carry messages for God, fight on God's side, feed God's lambs...sing songs for God, give things up for God, tell God what's on your mind and in your heart, in general rejoice in God and make a fool of yourself for God the way lovers have always made fools of themselves for the one they love.”

--Frederick Buechner

What to expect

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Join Us This Winter:

Join us this Winter for worship as we gather together to worship at either 9 or 10:45am.

Worship Times...

  • Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45am

SPC strives to create a worship experience that is welcoming to all:

  • Musical instrumentation is contemporary/modern (piano, guitar, bass, drums are typical).
  • Both traditional hymns and more recent Christian songs are sung.
  • Dress is “casual”, much like many work places today.
  • Visitors are welcomed from the pulpit, but are not asked to identify themselves publicly. (No “raise your hand if you’re new!”)
  • The first half of the service includes singing, prayers, and announcements; the second half includes the message or sermon and closing songs.

Sunday Classes...

SPC offers Sunday morning classes and/or childcare for ages infant through 12th grade, and periodic Adult Ministry classes. For more detailed class information, visit:

A map of classrooms may be viewed here. Of course, families are always welcome to worship together during the service. Our quiet room with a view to the Sanctuary and audio feed is available if you need to comfort a small child.


How do I get to SPC?

We are centrally located on the Sammamish Plateau — and on Sunday, there's virtually no traffic! For a map and driving directions, click here. 

Campus Map

View a map of our campus...

Where can I get information?

  • For information about SPC or classrooms, stop by the Get Connected Center in the Sanctuary Hall.
  • Families with children ages 5th grade and younger will find information and a welcoming presence at our Children's Ministry Table in the Sanctuary Hall.

What help is available for those with disabilities or special needs?

  • Amplification for the hearing impaired can be obtained through the use of a hearing device; let us know as you come into the Sanctuary.
  • If you have mobility needs, pull up to the front of the church at the south entrance and a greeter will assist you. There is dedicated wheelchair access in the Sanctuary to the right and back pew section (as you're facing the podium).
  • Children with special needs also learn about the love of Jesus on Sunday mornings! For more information, please contact us at or stop by the Children's Ministry Welcome Table in the Sanctuary Hall on Sunday mornings.

Do you ask for an offering?

Yes, SPC understands the offering to be a normal part of Christian worship. The offering signifies our calling as Christians to use all of our resources for God’s purposes. Many people make their actual contribution online or through the mail, so there is no pressure for everyone to “put something in the plate.”

Will there be communion?

SPC celebrates communion (Eucharist, Lord’s Supper) typically on the first Sunday of every month. For more information, visit the Communion page.

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